Creating Futures Ministry in Fairfield Bay Region

Fairfield Bay, Arkansas is a beautiful community, but sadly there is much drama and conflict within the governmental bodies. The ministry of Creating Futures believes there is a solution, Spiritual Warfare, going into spiritual battle for Fairfield Bay. That occurs through Worship, Prayer, Ministry within the community. Taking the Church outside the walls of the church. The solution is the presence of God overtaking the community. It is the answer for America. It is the answer for the American Church. So we will not be praying for just Fairfield Bay.

REMINDER- For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:12

Worship with Seniors
Tuesdays, 6:30pm-7:15pm
Indian Rock Village-Fairfield Bay

Spiritual Warfare Prayer
Saturdays, 6:30pm-7:30pm
Indian Rock Village-March 30, April 6
Lion’s Club-Fairfield Bay-April 13, 20, 27

Yard Sign with Stake

Location of Activities:
Tuesdays at 6:30pm
Indian Rock Village Retirement Center
265 Dave Creek Pkwy, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088
Meet in library. Main entrance is locked. Enter through library side door, signs posted.)

Saturdays at 6:30pm
Indian Rock Village Retirement Center-March 30, April 6
Lion’s Club-April 13, 20, 27
365 Dave Creek Pkwy, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088


This is a time of worship with the residents of Indian Rock Village Retirement Center. After or during worship we pray for those who attend. This time is open to the public. Come join us. (At times we also have dinner with residents and do visitation.)
This prayer time is for serious intercession for the community of Fairfield Bay, for our region, for our nation, fo the body of Christ. It is a time of praying the Word of God. A time of battling against the kingdom of darkness. There will be worship in the midst of prayer. When the weather is good there will be times we will be praying outside at various locations of Fairfield Bay and other areas.
We believe in the power of prayer, so much so we are donating these Prayer for America Yard Signs to those who will display them in their yard. (Call 1-866-WANTGOD to obtain a sign while they last.) You can also order 25 signs with stands for only $83 including shipping. Go to:

Upcoming Ministry-Times & Locations to be determined


It is our desire to take worship into the midst of Fairfield Bay and other communities. We have a heart to build a worship team that will have as its goal to take worship outside the walls of the church. We believe ongoing public worship can change the atmosphere of a community.
We believe prayer is to be much bigger than what normally takes place in churches. We believe in spiritual warfare prayer, intercessory prayer, prayer for the sick, prayer for deliverance, prayer for revival. Prayer for much more than Fairfield Bay. BUT it has to start somewhere.
It is time for the body of Christ to minister outside the church walls. (Praise God for ministry that takes place within the church.) There are lost people that will never walk into a church. Our region has a major tourist season. We need to soul seeds of the Gospel. May our region be known as a place where you can have an encounter with Christ.
We live in the Bible Belt. The problem is to a large extent the Bible Belt has become a dry bone religion belt. It is time for Repentance. It is time for Renewal. It is time for Reformation. (Get back to standing on the Bible.) It is time for Revival. It is time for the Word and the Spirit!

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Detailed Information on Prayer in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

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