Ministry at LCO Indian Reservation. Couderay, WI

Rich and Carmi went with 35 other people from Greers Ferry Assembly of God Church to do ministry at LCO Assembly of God Church that is located on the LCO Reservation. Both Carmi and Rich felt burdened for the Natives on the reservation. There was much hopelessness. They have made the decision to go back to LCO Sept 6-Sept 20.

They are excited to be able to bring Ed Sam with them. Ed is a native who was in their clean & sober housing program. Ed came as an alcoholic but he has been sober for over 10 years now. He is evidence that Jesus can transform a life.

Ministering to the Native Americans that live on the LCO Reservation

Carmi and Rich have a desire to do whatever they can to give hope to the Lac Courtes Oreilles Native Americans on the LCO reservation (along with others.)

Carmi and Rich have over the years have seen God transform the lives of individuals who were living dysfunctional lifestyles and controlled by hopelessness. A true encounter with Jesus Christ can Make an Eternal Difference.

Their goal is to focus on loving on individuals, giving them an opportunity to share their story, finding out what are their needs, ministering and praying for them. Trusting the Holy Spirit to reveal the love of Christ to them and give them the faith to believe their lives can be turned around.

There certainly will be times to provide inner healing counseling and deliverance. Why? Because ALL of us have wounds, scars that need healing. But especially those who have experienced, racism, generational prejudice, ongoing abuse, bondage to addictions, etc.

Along with the above their desire to connect with various ministries on the reservation, connect with tribal leaders, and others who are helping the Lac Courte Oreilles people on the reservation.

Take Note: Not everyone on the reservation are living dysfunctional lifestyles and hopeless. We want to find ways to encourage all to keep on keeping on.

LCO Reservation, Couderay, WI

Will be working with LCO Assembly of God Church and with other churches and organizations.


Sunday, September 10, 10am Rich will be preaching on "The Transforming Power of Christ".
Sept 16 &17 Evangelist Tom Valtierra Carmi and Rich will be doing visitation before and after the meetings.
Carmi and Rich will be doing One-on-One Ministry the entire two weeks we are at LCO. We will be doing Addiction counseling, inner healing & deliverance ministry.
It is our goal to help individuals to Move Beyond the Past. We may share one-on-one or in a group setting the effective principles we have developed to help people Move Beyond the Past.
While at LCO Assembly of God Church Carmi and Rich will be doing some clean up and organizing of church buildings so that the rooms can be used for classrooms again. Doing what they can to help prepare the church for a new pastor.


To read about this missions trip, click on this link.

Prayer Needs

Many of the Native Americans on the LCO Reservation are very wounded, broken people. Many, or their relatives, have experienced much wounding from unbiblical Christianity. Many have suffered physical, emotional, and/or physical abuse. Many have addictions. Many are living at poverty level. Besides salvation, they need HOPE.
A. Pray for divine guidance.
B. Pray for the favor of God and the favor of man.
C. Pray for the anointing of God
D. Pray for signs and wonders to accompany the preaching of the Word.
E. Pray for protection.
F. Pray for direction regarding the future.


Praise God we have raised funds for all ministry expenses. Any funds we raise now will go directly towards helping those in greatest financial need on the reservation. It may be paying for utilities, buying some groceries, or covering other basic necessities.

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Tell me how I can help

I will work with you anyway I can.
Rather it is to help you overcome an addiction or grow spiritually, pray for you, put on a seminar, or help fill the pulpit for your church.

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