Creating Futures Upcoming Activities

It is our goal to provide several opportunities in the Greers Ferry area for individuals to have wholesome entertainment and opportunities to grow spiritually in a non-threatening environment. Thus, our events are for those who are Christians, spiritual seekers, unchurched, whomsoever. With all the various activities we offer, we are always in need of volunteers. If you would like to help out, give Rich a call at 501-710-4832

Join us for Prayer and Free Movie Showings

Check out Event Calendar for all upcoming events. You will see our prayer themes for each week and what movies we will be showing each Thursday.

Future Activities

Ground Nursery
8201 Edgemont Rd, Greers Ferry, Arkansas

We do not foresee a problem with having enough seating, but you can always RSVP for a specific night. Call 501-621-4642


Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm We will have a time of worship (via Youtube videos) and a time of prayer. You can join with us to pray and/or to receive prayer. Most of the worship will be contemporary songs but will also include hymns. All or invited regardless of church affiliation.
Thursdays 3pm & 6pm We will be showing the same movie at 3pm & 6pm. At some point, based upon demand, we may only show movies at 3pm or 6pm. The format is we show a movie and afterwards we have interactive discussion on the theme of the movie and what principles can we learn from the movie. Most of the movies will be faith based, but at times they may be a secular movie that has a powerful message. We will be offering free movie showing, free popcorn, free candy, and free beverages.
It is our goal at some point to have a weekly Book Study. We will choose a book to read and discuss the principles found in the book. Some of the books we will explore are: Stories for the Heart, The Kindness Challenge, Wild at Heart (For Men), God's Promises to Stand On, Secrets of the Vine
It is our goal in the future to have a game night. Based upon interest we will have the game night weekly, bi-monthly, or once a month. We will have a variety of games and offer free refreshments. This event will be for the entire family.

Tell me how I can help

I will work with you anyway I can.
Rather it is to help you overcome an addiction or grow spiritually, pray for you, put on a seminar, or help fill the pulpit for your church.

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