Fill the Pulpit

Many times smaller churches do not have someone to replace the pastor if he gets sick, goes on vacation, or needs a sabbatical. Also smaller churches lack the funds to sponsor evangelist or revival meetings. Some lack experienced Sunday School Teachers. Preacher/Teacher Rich is committed to help smaller churches to minister to their congregation and to reach their community. He provides his services on a love offering basis.

Bio/Education Experience
Preacher/Teacher Richard Dover

Preacher/Teacher Rich can preach and teach on just about any topic. He also has some specific topics he is passionate and offers various seminars. He adapts his sermons and teachings for your specific congregation.

Rich also does presentations with his son Joshua on the topic of The Prodigal Coming Home and Joshua’s amazing story of recovery from a major motorcycle crash.

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Fill the Pulpit Options

Preacher/Teacher Rich can fill the pulpit when your Senior Pastor will not be able to preach because he is sick, on vacation, or needs a sabbatical.
If your church no longer has a Senior Pastor, Preacher/Teacher Rich can help fill the pulpit for a few weeks or a few months.
If your church needs someone to fill the gap for your Sunday School program Preacher/Teacher Rich can teach a Sunday School class for your church.
If your church is wanting to hold evangelistic services, revival services, or other special services Preacher/Teacher Rich will work with your Senior Pastor to come up with a unique program for your church.
Preacher/Teacher Rich can share a variety of ways to share the Gospel and how to share your testimony.
Preacher/Teacher Rich can provide seminars on a variety of topics.

Tell me how I can help

I don't know who you are,
but I will work with you anyway I can.
Rather it is to help fill the pulpit for your church,
offer a seminar, or to help you grow spiritually.

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