Church Member
Pastor Rich Dover has been a highlight in my walk with the Lord. My sister had ALS and we were looking for a church with Bible based teaching that would motivate us and challenge us in our walk with God. I heard Pastor Dover on the radio and we visited the church he was pastoring.. His teaching was right on and we continued to come. My sister died about a year later and I was blessed to have Rich and Carmi by my side. If they were still here I would be blessed to be gleaning from his ministry. He is led by the spirit and I’m sure he will be a blessing to those in his future that he ministers to. God Bless you, Marcia Timm

Pastor Rich-I will never forget you sitting on the curb with me handing me a burger and talking to me about the love of Jesus. I know you knew I was high on drugs and a total hot mess, but you still spent time with me. As you after that I would do good for awhile and then go back to my addiction. I knew Jesus as my savior from hell but not my savior from drugs and not my deliverer, even though you did so much to try and get me to that point.

What you do not know is that out of my foolish I did a major crime that has gotten me a life in sentence in Walla Walla Penitentiary. BUT here is the good news. All the seeds you planted over the years has come to fruition in my life. I may have life in prison but I also have a ministry here in Walla Walla. I am helping men to come to Christ and sharing with them the principles that you shared with me that ultimately turned my life around.

God Bless you Pastor Rich

Church Member

In just a few years under the teaching of Pastor Rich I have gained a tremendous hunger for the Word of God and a much clearer understanding of the Bible. I have to say I have learned more from him in a few years than I have learned under several pastors in 40 years. Even though Pastor Rich no longer pastors our church I participate in some of his audio conferencing Bible studies. (Please do not post my name.)

Recovery Pastor

I am so thankful to obtain a free subscription to Rightnow Media. Running a Christian recovery program, The Bondage Breaker video series was an excellent resource to help our men understand who they are in Christ. The series gave them the tools to break free from bondages.

Paul R.
Church Member
I have known Pastor Rich for over 9 years, first through his recovery program Fairhaven House, and then with his work at Seattle Open Door Church.
I was a manager at one of his five recovery houses where he played a vital role in helping countless men to a meaningful life of sobriety after years of addiction.
I also worked with Pastor Rich at Seattle Open Door Church by playing on the worship team and help maintain the building. Pastor Rich led myself and many, many others to a deeper knowledge of Jesus, and helped me to better interpret the Bible and what it means to have a relationship with the Lord. Pastor Rich always took the time to answer questions, as well as leading me to find answers within myself.
I am proud to still call him my Pastor, even if we are 2000 miles apart, as well as my friend.
Jeff H.
Church Member

I met Pastor Rich in 2015 just out of prison. My wife and I were looking for a place to live and seen Rich had one to rent for those in recovery. Wwhen we first talked to him I couldn’t afford it so I passed, but my wife was persistent. A few weeks later we moved in. I had already gave my life to Jesus when I was on my way to prison for the 7th time but was only praying a bunch. Didn’t really know the Word. So when we moved in with Rich and his wife we started going to their church. They made us feel right at home from the very beginning. Rich drew me in with his preaching. Not only that,  we lived in same house so I was always asking questions. He has worked with many people with addiction and has more patience than I could ever have. He stays true to the Word and is always looking to share it with everyone. He became more than my landlord, he became my pastor. He became a good friend who opened my heart to Jesus and made me hungry for the Word. He made me want to better myself daily. I love him and his wife like family. This coming from a 21 time felon who spent almost 20 years in prison with a major drug addiction. Now coming up on 10 years clean and Rich was a major part of my change from the very beginning.


I am so thankful for my free subscription to RightNow Media. Where I live we had few options for my children when it comes to entertainment. But thanks to Rightnow Media my children are able to not only be entertained but more importantly they are learning about the Bible and they now what me to read to them all the Bible stories.

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It was clear that our congregation had a desire to have a more intimate relationship with Christ. They wanted to learn how to abide in Christ at a deeper level. The video teaching Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkenson was the perfect answer. We would watch the teaching and then have in-depth discussion afterwards. Over and over my congregation thanked me for this teaching.

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