I Should Have Listened

Pastor Rich-I will never forget you sitting on the curb with me handing me a burger and talking to me about the love of Jesus. I know you knew I was high on drugs and a total hot mess, but you still spent time with me. As you after that I would do good for awhile and then go back to my addiction. I knew Jesus as my savior from hell but not my savior from drugs and not my deliverer, even though you did so much to try and get me to that point.

What you do not know is that out of my foolish I did a major crime that has gotten me a life in sentence in Walla Walla Penitentiary. BUT here is the good news. All the seeds you planted over the years has come to fruition in my life. I may have life in prison but I also have a ministry here in Walla Walla. I am helping men to come to Christ and sharing with them the principles that you shared with me that ultimately turned my life around.

God Bless you Pastor Rich

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